Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Boyer's

02.17.07. Jeffito & Julia (14 months)
02.17.07. Parker (3yrs), Julia & Janice

Aric, Parker, Ben, Janice, and Julia

Janice & Julia

02.17.2007. Parker, Ben, Janice, Aric, and Julia

Joey In O-Town

02.16.2007. Janice, Wendy, and I stopped by PI to say hello to Joe while he was in town.

Mika & Yoshio

02.08.2007. Mika & Yoshio got married in HI. I worked with Mika at the Contemporary Front Desk in 1997! I hope to visit Mika & Yoshio in Japan in 2008.

Ski Trip NC 2007

02.09.2007. "Kick Back" NC....